Friday, December 16, 2005

Tea Mug Cozy - Two Patterns

I wanted to make a little Christmas present for a girlfriend who really loves tea, so I came up with the idea of a mug cozy. I didn't really find online the perfect pattern so I made mines. Here they are:

Tea Mug Cozy Pink and purple

Used a small amount of Lion Brand Cotton in Fuchsia and Purple
Hook H8 / 5.00 mm
Gauge: Check if the length of the chain fits the bottom of your mug. Add or reduce the numer of chains if needed.

With Fuchsia - Ch 30. Join with sl st at 1st chain making sure not to twist the chain.

Row 1: Ch 1, sc in every 30 ch. Turn

Row 2: With Purple - Ch 2, dc in 28 sc. Turn (If you prefer, you can make two rounds in sc instead of 1 round of dc)

Row 3: With Fuchsia - Ch 1, sc in 28 dc + ch 6. Turn

Row 4: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in the other 4 chs and in all 28 sc. Total 33 sc. Turn

Rows 5: Ch 1, Sc in every 33 sc. Turn

Rows 6-7: With Purple - Ch 1, sc in every sc. Turn. 33 sc

Rows 8-9: With Fuchsia - Ch 1, sc in every sc. Turn. 33 sc.

Row 10: With purple - Ch 1, sc in every 33 sc. Continue with sc along the border of the slip and at the base of the hole until you reach the beginning of row 10. Join with sl st to first sc of row 10. Fasten off.

To make your Tea Cozy stick to the mug, sew some velcro on both sides of the slip.
That's it, now you can enjoy your hot tea or coffee much longer! :-)

Blue Mug Cozy

Cascade 220, 100% wool color 8339, worked double
and a very small amount of blue wool, chunky weight
Hook K10 1/2 - 6.50 mm

Ch 25. Join in round with sl st to 1st ch, making sure not to twist the chain.
Row 1: Ch 2. 23 dc in 23 chs. Turn
Row 2: Ch 2, 23 dc + ch 6
Row 3: Dc in 3rd ch from hook, in the other 2 ch and in all 23 dc. Turn. 26 dc.
Row 4: Sc in all 26 dc. Fasten off
Row 5: With Blue yarn. Sl st to 1st ch of row 4. Sl st in every 25 sc. Fasten off.

Sew some velcro on both sides of the slip. And Enjoy your winter Mug Cozy!

Those patterns are Intellectual property of Justine Bellavita
May be distributed freely for personal use only.
Cannot be reprinted on the web or otherwise without permission.
Thank you! :-)


saurav said...

May Peace
Hope and Love
be with you
and Always

Merry Christmas!
The Surging Waves

Pyo said...

A very neat idea, I like the design of it!
Happy new Year!

Martha said...

They're so cute....what a great idea!

Stephanie said...

I love these and am going to make one for my mother in law and one for my Aunt for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

PippaW said...

Thanks for the nice comments :) I'm glad you like them!!

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i like your design of it!what a good idea.

PippaW said...

Thank you!!! :D

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@America Flags, sure! :)

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