Friday, August 24, 2007

I am a starter

There's no doubt about it. The problem is, I never finish anything. I recently gave up on at least 3 projects. Vik scarves for the homeless are waiting for me, half started. The pink mohair shawl is somewhere in a bag, the brea bag is almost finished, almost, and what about the polar blanket? Still waiting for the winter to come.

And what do I do? Of course I've just started a new project!! I guess I have to definitely face the fact that I am a flighty starter and knit alongs simply aren't good for me (or, better to say, I am not good for them).

Anyway, this is the lovely new project I've embraced yesterday, the Chanson Capelet. Isn't it sweet? I'm making it in black cotton and instead of working it as a little cape, I'm doing closed rounds, so that in the end I'll have a short poncho. If I manage to finish it.

But this time the pattern goes on pretty fast and I'm confident that I can make it. I'll keep you posted :-)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back in Town

turningpointbooks.comHi everybody, I realize today that almost a month passed since I last wrote on this blog, lazy me! I must admit that I haven't progressed a lot while working from beautiful Umbria.

Instead of knitting and crocheting I've been using my free time to read and I definitely discovered that reading and knitting don't get along easily when you just have evenings to dedicate to yourself.

Anyway I don't complain, I've been discovering some authors that I really enjoyed: the French Fred Vargas, the Italian Gianrico Carofiglio and the British Eric Ambler.

Now that I'm back in Milan, though, I went back to my favorite hobby and hope to have soon progresses to show you here!