Saturday, June 17, 2006

Back in California

Here I am again, and by the time I left rain has stopped and the garden has bloomed. How gorgeous!

As promised here are two pics of my home-made booga bag, I'm so proud of the felting! Unfortunately I didn't take any pic of the bag before the process, how silly! But as you can see the results are pretty nice.

I have used 3 skeins of NORO KUREYON #154. While I was knitting it I couldn't help thinking how lousy the wool was. Itchy and irregular. But, after the felting, the result were simply amazing, the texture was softer, elastic, furry. How lovely! I wouldn't recommend Noro Kureyon for a sweater but it is simply great for fulling! :-)

Monday, June 12, 2006


Dear All,
once again pardon me for my disappearance lately. I've been stuck in northern France to take care of my mom, without Internet connection for the last 2 months (can you imagine it?!). Here everything is beautiful and peaceful, but I missed the whole crochet community and you blog friends!!! I'll be back in Frisco in a couple of days and there I'll be able to post and to share with you my (little) progresses. For now I can tell you that I successfully made a booga bag! :-D and a friend of mine gave me the whole wool stash of her granny who passed away last year. A bunch of wool balls in many many colors. I'll finally be able to make a beautiful blanket, I hope.
Lots of love to everybody!