Saturday, June 17, 2006

Back in California

Here I am again, and by the time I left rain has stopped and the garden has bloomed. How gorgeous!

As promised here are two pics of my home-made booga bag, I'm so proud of the felting! Unfortunately I didn't take any pic of the bag before the process, how silly! But as you can see the results are pretty nice.

I have used 3 skeins of NORO KUREYON #154. While I was knitting it I couldn't help thinking how lousy the wool was. Itchy and irregular. But, after the felting, the result were simply amazing, the texture was softer, elastic, furry. How lovely! I wouldn't recommend Noro Kureyon for a sweater but it is simply great for fulling! :-)


Sue said...

What a lovely garden!

The booga bag came out so nicely. It's beautiful!

Pam said...

Awesome bag! The colors are fantastic and the felting makes it all so sweet to touch. I bet you get a ton of complements on this one!

ednavar said...

You got quite some talent.. glad to see you are doing well! and thanks to maxblog for the link. Ciao

Vik said...

I´m happy you´re back Justine!!!
I LOVE your booga bag! Love the colors and how it looks felted! Great job!