Thursday, July 06, 2006

Making "the" blanket

Here it comes, along with summertime and holidays: my blanket for the 200 squares CAL (it's never too late isn't it?!). I have chosen the orange/red/blue one at the beginning of the book, because is the only one I can make with the odd skeins that I have inherited from my friend's grandma. I have started with the centerpiece:

and I'm making (very very slowly) my way up to the rest... I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime I came back to France to spend summer with my recovering mum, who's doing great. My boyfriend and I have left California for good and we'll be back in NY in September, right on time to enjoy the falling leaves... And the first snowstorm!!!


Vik said...

Where did you take this picture! What a place! It´s a dream!

About our CAL... I´m almost done!

Pam said...

Love the flower in the granny square, beautiful colors!

pam said...

I want to be where that bridge is.

Sue said...

Leaving CA so soon? I grew up in NY and miss the changing seasons. Enjoy!

Justine said...

the bridge is actually in Central Park. nice pic isn't it? Lots of love to you all!!!