Thursday, November 30, 2006

Preparing for Xmas

Like last year I'm trying to anticipate Christmas presents working since November, and Like last year I'll never finish on time... But I have progressed a little bit anyway.

I've finished a little Santa's hat, those absolutely adorable fake maryjanes that I really love and a tiny purse for a little girl. I've done the cache-cols for my girlfriends, and right now I'm felting the flowers that I'll apply to finish them. I've used the bulky Blue Sky Alpaca, but I'm not 100% satisfied with the texture. A little bit too thick and not that soft (Rowan Polar is softer, thinner and the results are better, so I've just ordered another 10 skeins on the Net!).

I've also finished a beanie for a friend, nice easy patter. Worked in vertical rows of crochet Half Double Chains, and then sewed together. Lovely.

unfortunately I haven't progressed a lot on my sister's socks, and I'm not totally satisfied by the heel, some tiny holes are pretty well visible, doh! I guess I have to practice a little more before finishing a real pair of socks.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Snowflake galore

Christmas is approaching and I'm feeling in the mood for a snowflake galore. I know that it's already late, but there are so many nice patterns online that maybe I'll find something easy to make for a little Christmas tree... :-)

By the way, I've received the Blue Sky Bulky Alpaca skeins. The colors are pretty darker than expected and the scarf that I wanted to make... Well it's really really skinny!! :-((( How disappointing.
As you can see, the wool is pretty thick so it's not easy to find a substitute pattern... After many tries I've decided to make two bulky scarf collars, very warm. I've worked them in asymmetric ribbing, and the result is nice, I'll post a pic when I've finished them. I'd love to add to the collars a couple of crocheted flowers, jut to make them more interesting. Let's see what it gives... :-)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A scarf I Like

I love this scarf. The last two years I have looked at the pattern and I wanted to make it so much!

Only problem: the wool. The pattern uses a Bulky Alpaca by Blue Sky, that it's very hard to find in stores. Now that I live in France it's even harder, and the shipping too too expensive. So annoying!
If there is among you a French blogger who knows where can I find or order a similar yarn with same gauge please please tell me!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Some more progress icons

I made a few new progress icons for a Vi Poncho and a felted purse, feel free to use them if you like'em :-)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Socks fever

I couldn't resist, before even finishing my first sock, I've started another project. I found the Knee Striped Socks by Diana so adorable, that I started to make a pair for my sister.

After practicing the 4 needles knitting, for the first pattern, I'm now approaching two new techniques. Which is cool cos' I'm learning so many new things!!

For now I've learn the Turkish Cast On (thanks to the fantastic tutorial by Deby) and the Magic Loop Knitting thanks to Knitting! And I have successfully combined the two techniques, look at this seamless toe, isn't it nice? I'm proud ;-)

At the beginning everything looks extremely difficult, but after a while it gets easy and very fast!
It's a socks fever!!!!