Sunday, November 19, 2006

Snowflake galore

Christmas is approaching and I'm feeling in the mood for a snowflake galore. I know that it's already late, but there are so many nice patterns online that maybe I'll find something easy to make for a little Christmas tree... :-)

By the way, I've received the Blue Sky Bulky Alpaca skeins. The colors are pretty darker than expected and the scarf that I wanted to make... Well it's really really skinny!! :-((( How disappointing.
As you can see, the wool is pretty thick so it's not easy to find a substitute pattern... After many tries I've decided to make two bulky scarf collars, very warm. I've worked them in asymmetric ribbing, and the result is nice, I'll post a pic when I've finished them. I'd love to add to the collars a couple of crocheted flowers, jut to make them more interesting. Let's see what it gives... :-)

1 comment:

Vik said...

How many snowflakes patterns at that link!!!
Your tree will be a dream!

Can´t wait to see your project finished, and how the flowers you tell look like!