Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rasta Hat - a simple pattern

Last week end in Switzerland during the Santa Claus festivity I stepped by a small yarn shop in a small village in Engadine. There I found this lovely Lang Mille Colori yarn and bought 4 balls. At the beginning I wanted to make a scarf but then I decided to switch to a rasta hat. Here the result, you judge!

I’ve casted on 70 sts. Worked 4 rows in rib 1/1 and then switched to “costa inglese” ribbed pattern.

"Costa inglese" ribbed pattern works like this: slip 1, *knit 1, knit 1 from row below (together with the upper sts)*, end knitting last st. Turn.

Repeat this pattern until desided lenght.

After 29 rows, I've finished with these three rows:

-Slip1 K2tog until last st, knit
-Slip1 Purl2tog until last st, purl
-K2tog all sts

Closed passing a tapestry needle through the remaining sts.

This pattern is ultra fast, the "Costa inglese" ribbing is great because you never have to purl, it just goes fast!! Love it!