Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rasta Hat - a simple pattern

Last week end in Switzerland during the Santa Claus festivity I stepped by a small yarn shop in a small village in Engadine. There I found this lovely Lang Mille Colori yarn and bought 4 balls. At the beginning I wanted to make a scarf but then I decided to switch to a rasta hat. Here the result, you judge!

I’ve casted on 70 sts. Worked 4 rows in rib 1/1 and then switched to “costa inglese” ribbed pattern.

"Costa inglese" ribbed pattern works like this: slip 1, *knit 1, knit 1 from row below (together with the upper sts)*, end knitting last st. Turn.

Repeat this pattern until desided lenght.

After 29 rows, I've finished with these three rows:

-Slip1 K2tog until last st, knit
-Slip1 Purl2tog until last st, purl
-K2tog all sts

Closed passing a tapestry needle through the remaining sts.

This pattern is ultra fast, the "Costa inglese" ribbing is great because you never have to purl, it just goes fast!! Love it!


David's Holla Atchya! Blog said...

How big is this hat? I don't want it to fit snugly on my head, but to have a little extra to put a load of hair in or something. I'm looking for a Rasta hat, not a beanie. Is this a good one? Thanks. By the way, I'm a man. Is this a unisex hat?

PippaW said...

Hi David, the hat is a quite soft very large beanie, you can make it a bit larger if you have a lot of hair, or maybe just a bit longer. I think you can also make a longer brim to add more contrast with the rib pattern. Finally if you want it larger on the ribs add a fews stitches between the brim and the ribs. It goes pretty fast and I think you can easily correct it while making it. Enjoy!

Luba Davies said...

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Maren said...

Hi I don't understand the directions for Costa Inglese, and cannot find any elsewhere on the internet. Does it work if one is knitting on circular needles? (You say turn at the end of the row) I like the look and would like to do this.

PippaW said...

Hi Maren, I am not sure the "costa inglese" works with circular needles. Because you alway Knit and never purl I guess you should adapt the pattern on circulars knitting one row and purling the other. But I have never tried it out. Let us know if it works!

Anonymous said...

Hi again! While I was looking for a brioche stitch tutorial on YouTube I found one in Spanish for 'Punto Inglés' which is I think what you are describing here. It's from a website called The difference it seems is that it isn't reversible, unlike brioche...unless I got punto inglés totally wrong of course.

PippaW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PippaW said...

Hi cavemum, the "costa inglese" is reversible. It is very close to brioche but not exactly the same. In brioche you cross stitches and work them together, in "costa inglese" you knit from row below. I'll take a pic so to make it more understandable!! Thanks for your link!

kika said...

I really DO love it!!
Can I have a hat for each coloyur of the autumn? :-)

Baci a Pippa da un'affezionatissima kika :-*

PippaW said...

Ciao Kika! Che piacere "vederti" qui. Un bacione grandissimo!

Justine said...

Finally I got the English name for "costa inglese", it's the "Fisherman Rib"!