Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My First Sock

After such a long period without knitting and crocheting I guess I'm willing to do as much projects as I can right now, I'm full throttle. After the granny pillow, and the felted bag, I've started a new challenge: a pair of socks, my first socks ever.

I'm just exited by all this 4 needles work, the difficulties of the the heel and the toe... I love it!!!!!

Three patterns I like:
I've started with the Sassy Striped Socks, very nice
I'm planning on doing these Knee Socks, so fashionable, for my sister (the pattern looks pretty hard though)
And one day, when I'm good, I'll try these pretty Elfine Socks

I'm so into it that I've made some progress icons, that of course you can use as you like :-)
Sock progressing from leg to toe:

Socks progressing toe up:

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Felting mood

Besides the Granny Pillow, I feel I'm in a felted mood and I think I'll felt felt felt... Of course I'll have to knit knit crochet before.
I'd like to make a felted computer bag... I have a lot of wool but no much time... Anyway let's see what I'll do :-)

I have already felted my beloved Booga Bag, but I want mOre...
Look at those projects, they're so cute, I'd love to make them all!!

The French Market Bag by Knitty
The Coco Felted bag, isn't it lovely?
The classic felted tote
and this one with small felted flowers, so cuuute!!!

By the way the picture I posted belongs to this pattern

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Granny with a twist

This could be my codename in a few years ;-)
I'm coming back, after all the stress and pressure I've decided to take a break, just focusing on me and my healt. Of course crocheting and knitting are part of the ure, and I've started crocheting a pillow, using the 200 Crochet Blocks book, once again. But this time I'mm make it very fast, I feel motovated :-))) I'll post a pic asap, I'using the "Granny with a twist" square pattern.
Best wishes!

Here's the pics I promised: