Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I don't know how I found out about Amigurumi, but now it's my total addiction. I want to make thousands of Amigurumi, I want to give birth to cats, bears, bunnies and a whole new world of Amigurumi friends!
Check this webpage, aren't these pictures absolutely adorables???

Here is my humble and messy attempt to make my first Amigurumi...

Monday, January 23, 2006

Filet Crochet

I have decided to face a new challenge: Filet Crochet. Basically I wanted to make a little curtain for the kitchen window. So I went to Lacis, in Berkeley, and spent there like 2 hours asking thousands of questions, to a very very nice and patient young lady. After all the talking I felt discouraged by the tiny tiny sizes of filet hooks (so small I almost couldn't see the hook!) and the yarns. So I bought a very nice curtain and thought about it a little bit.

I didn't want to give up, though, so the day after I went to Barnes & Noble and found this book: A Creative Guide to Crochet, full of nice and easy projects for filet crochet. So I said to myself: you can do it! And I came back to Lacis, bought some yarn and a US 7/1,5mm hook and started a filet traycloth with snowflakes motif... So far I already made a big mistake, but I will go on until it's done!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Skinny Mohair

A few months ago I went to Artfibers, in San Francisco, my favorite spot every time I'm in town. I didn't have any specific idea at the moment so I bought a bunch of leftover yarns (a big bunch, apparently, because I ended up spending 50 dollars!!!). Anyway among those leftover there was this magnificent green mohair. I wasn't sure of the amount of yarn, so I decided to try a very thin mohair scarf.

Here is the pattern:
I used a hook US M / 9 mm

I started with ch 7 and on round 1, I worked 7 sc
Round 2, I worked 8 double chains.
Round 3, *1 sc, ch1*, and then I just repeated Rounds 2 and 3 until the end of the yarn, closing with 7 sc.
I must say that I really like this skinny scarf, so delicate and warm at the same time :-) Hooray!

Hat from outer space

I wanted to make a funny present for my nephew in New York. Having a look online I found some nice ideas and that's the result: a hat from outer space!

My first choice were the Monster Feet Slipper Socks, but I had no time for that. Then I found this The Flying Spaghetti Monster Hat and I decided to adapt it to my nephew small head, and make it simpler... So I look for a pattern for a baby hat, and found many online. I choose this one, the Bev's Bear Beanie. I just added the ear flips, to make it fit better, and teeth to make it more monstrous! It took me no time to make it and he loved it! :-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sweet Mary-Jane

I've been busy lately and I didn't work a lot, but before Christmas I did few more things, here they are:

Thanks to the pattern of Abigail Goss, I did those absolutely adorable fake Mary Janes. Aren't the cutest little shoes? I just added a little flower on the side so to make them even more feminine ;-)

Is it really Christmas without a Christmas Tree Pot Holder?

Unfortunately all the Christmas present I did on November and sent to my family and friends came back :-( I will re-send them but for now here is my mother Alpaca Scarf I had mentioned before...