Sunday, January 22, 2006

Skinny Mohair

A few months ago I went to Artfibers, in San Francisco, my favorite spot every time I'm in town. I didn't have any specific idea at the moment so I bought a bunch of leftover yarns (a big bunch, apparently, because I ended up spending 50 dollars!!!). Anyway among those leftover there was this magnificent green mohair. I wasn't sure of the amount of yarn, so I decided to try a very thin mohair scarf.

Here is the pattern:
I used a hook US M / 9 mm

I started with ch 7 and on round 1, I worked 7 sc
Round 2, I worked 8 double chains.
Round 3, *1 sc, ch1*, and then I just repeated Rounds 2 and 3 until the end of the yarn, closing with 7 sc.
I must say that I really like this skinny scarf, so delicate and warm at the same time :-) Hooray!

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