Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sweet Mary-Jane

I've been busy lately and I didn't work a lot, but before Christmas I did few more things, here they are:

Thanks to the pattern of Abigail Goss, I did those absolutely adorable fake Mary Janes. Aren't the cutest little shoes? I just added a little flower on the side so to make them even more feminine ;-)

Is it really Christmas without a Christmas Tree Pot Holder?

Unfortunately all the Christmas present I did on November and sent to my family and friends came back :-( I will re-send them but for now here is my mother Alpaca Scarf I had mentioned before...


Pyo said...

OH MY GOD!!! This is the cutest pair of baby booties ever! I just love the colour!
Great work!

PippaW said...

Thank you Pyo!! :-D I'm glad you like them!!