Sunday, December 04, 2005

Scarves, scarves, scarves!

Winter is approaching and scarves are always welcome. I love making scarves, it's fast, easy and in the end you have an item that you'll use a lot!
Recently I've made 5, for me, my family and friends.

The first one was made with this Superfine baby alpaca beautiful orange yarn, named Mammoth, that I've found at Artfibers in San Francisco. I worked a Diagonal Rib pattern, found on using knitting needles n.15/10.00 mm and casting on 8 stitches. The result is a very long, extra-soft and extra-warm scarf, which became immediately one of my favorites.

I wasn't totally satisfied of the pattern, though, so I've used the second skein of Mammoth, in dark red, to make my mother a slightly different Christmas scarf. I've casted on 8 stitches and modified the pattern this way:

Row 1: *k2 p2*
Row 2: p1, *k2 p2*, p1
Row 3: *p2 k2*
Row 4: k1, *p2 k2*, k1
Rep rows 1-4

Obtaining more horizontal diagonal stripes. I've finished the scarf crocheting the edges with a beautiful purple extrafine merino wool. The result is simply elegant and fashion. I should have taken a picture but I had to send the scarf very fast as my mom could get it for Christmas.

For one of my most beloved best friends I have crocheted a very simple yet showy Mohair scarf. I've found the pattern on the book "Cozy Crochet". Unfortunately the picture couldn't capture the beauty of the pattern and all the colors of this great Di.Ve Mohair with nuances that go from dark red to purple.

After that I've also finished my boyfriend scarf made in beautiful baby alpaca. I've worked a very simple vertical rib "k3, p3", and I'm very happy with the results.

To finish, I've made this holiday cachecol white and red. I've used the Fuzzy Galore's V-ery easy scarf pattern. Adding a single-crochet red edge and closing the short scarf with a red button. Isn't it fancy? :-)

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SheCrochets said...

Beautiful gifts! You have certainly been busy!