Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hairpin Crochet patterns and tutorials

Thanks to Knitaly I found the essential key word to understand and use the knitting fork Ingrid offered me, the k-word is "Hairpin".

Looking for "Hairpin Looms", "Hairpin crochet" and "Hairpin patterns" I found all I need to know to correctly use this amazing tool and make wonderful scarves and shawls in no time. Horray! I feel I will be able to make some lovely scarves for Vik's project! :-)

Here a few links:

Hairpin Crochet video tutorial

Hairpin Looms tips and techniques

Joining two Hairpin stripes

Hairpin Afghan

Vogue Knitting Shawl (.pdf)

Many Hairpin patterns

Basic Directions Over a Span of 109 Years

Tatting as Combined with Hairpin Crochet Lace

I'm totally excited! :-)


diane said...

that is simply awesome...I will have to find one for myself...another thing to add to my list of things to do...

zrinka said...

Non so se può interessarti, ma prova a dare un'occhiata qui:

PippaW said...

Grazie Zrinka, mi interessa si:

Sabato 20 Ottobre 2007
14.30 - 16.30 FORCELLA - Impariamo la tecnica della “Forcella” con cui realizzare sciarpe, scialli e coperte.

Ma il 20 non abbiamo il nostro appuntamento solito???

zrinka said...

Sì ... ma hai già commentato su M&M ... quindi ci vediamo direttamente in fiera :o)
Buona giornata

Vik said...

Thanks for sharing the links - now I got it, about how the hairpin works!

Ayla said...

You should be excited! I just started learning hairpin myself, and I was really shocked at how easy and pretty it is. It seems like a great way to show off beautiful yarn or crochet ribbon. How is it coming along for you?

Linda said...

I am so thrilled to find your blog. I have been searching everywhere for something on hairpin lace. I have a new loom but I have hard a hard time finding information.

PippaW said...

Linda I had an hard time too finding all the info, so I collected them alla here. I'm glad it helps!!


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