Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Assembling Brea

I'm almost done with the Brea Bag. I've finished the knitting part and now I'm trying to assemble it. Now I know why I LOVE patterns in circle. I am so bad at sewing. And I don't even think about the lining. I'm pretty sure the results, after assembling, will be pretty poor, but I promised I'll finish it and I'll do it!

Funny pics to follow ;-)


Vik said...

Hi Justine, I totally agree with you about knitting in circle avoiding the sewing. But I don´t think you are worst than me by sewing! I´m a catastrophe. I wonder why, being knitter/crocheter, I can´t sew too...
I´ll be waiting the pics!

pm10 said...

i can't believe you're sewing it! :)
go justine! :)