Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Winter 2007/2008 projects

Once I have finished all the works I have cued in the warm months I'd love to "attack" those really irresistible patterns:

Cinderella socks by Kathryn Beckerdite - SOOOO CUTE!!!

The button-up sweater for Valda

Ysolda Teague Skull Illusion Scarf

Sportmax mustard scarf

Hairpin lace scarf or shawl

And so many other cute things I see everyday arouuund!!

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zrinka said...

Sono sicura che la valda sarĂ  contentissima di indossare il suo "golfino-fashion-per-amici-a-quattro-zampe" ... mi raccomando, perĂ², cerca di finirlo in tempo per quest'inverno!!
Buon fine settimana