Sunday, April 26, 2009

Knitting New - difficult - Scarves

I Love this book. It's beautiful and full of challenges. One, my personal defy, is the "Driftin Pleats" scarf on page 30. I LOVE the look of this scarpe and I've been trying to make one since last winter. The set up pleats explanation isn't that easy to get, and the DP needles are always turning.

Yesterday, though, I tried for the third time, this time I was knitting on my bed, and it was maybe the positon maybe the concentration, maybe the cotton yarn (instead of wool) but I did complete the setup pleats!! I am so proud! Now unfortunately the yarn I choose this thime is a bit thinn and the scarf will be a bit small, but if I make it, maybe next time I will be able to make one in wool to, I hope pretty as this one by bluegarter.knits

Baby Booties for big feet

Two of my sister's best friends had babies this month :) So I decided to make a couple of baby booties for them. I found this nice pattern (even if it involves some seeming and I'm not very good at it) of Baby Mary Janes. I started 15 days ago knitting every day even in the subway, to make 6 booties.

Everything was looking good and nice while I was knitting. Garter stitch is relaxing, but maybe too relaxing because I lost the count of the rows and I end up with 6 booties, all different!

I must have increased one row in every booty and maybe changed the gauge without realizing it, but now I have sizes that go from XS to XL!!

Does someone have a suggestion on how to count properly rows on garter st? Help!