Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baby Booties for big feet

Two of my sister's best friends had babies this month :) So I decided to make a couple of baby booties for them. I found this nice pattern (even if it involves some seeming and I'm not very good at it) of Baby Mary Janes. I started 15 days ago knitting every day even in the subway, to make 6 booties.

Everything was looking good and nice while I was knitting. Garter stitch is relaxing, but maybe too relaxing because I lost the count of the rows and I end up with 6 booties, all different!

I must have increased one row in every booty and maybe changed the gauge without realizing it, but now I have sizes that go from XS to XL!!

Does someone have a suggestion on how to count properly rows on garter st? Help!


Celeritas said...

They still look cute though! Um - use a row counter, count the ribs while noting them on paper, find a pattern that gives measurements instead of rows?

Aufildesjours said...

Cute booties. There's a ridge or row of bumps for every two rows of garter stitch : so count the ridges and multiply by 2 = number of rows.

Justine said...

Thanks so much, I'll use your tips next time!!