Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Giles Deacon bulky scarf

I love it! Maybe with such a huge yarn, even I could finish a scarf before the winter is over ;-)

I even found the pattern online but I'm not sure if the "lana grezza" will be easy to find.

I like it so much!!

I started using the Hairpin fork, is fun and fast. If only I had some more time at night to crochet a bit. Anyway I'm confident I'll finish one of Vik's scarves soon!

Other update, I've finished the Brea bag (yuhuu) but I'm totally unable to sew it, I guess I?ll bring it to the next Stitch 'n' Bitch in Milan to seek for help from the girls ;-)


Vik said...

Ciao Justine, have you found a nice fabric for the bag´s lining? I hope someone will help you to sew it. I always ask my aunt for that help (I´m sorry you live so far, she would have help you too!) and she does it perfect - but she can´t crochet or knit at all!

PippaW said...

Dear Vik, I won't line it, just sew it (and I'm not even sure HOW ;-)

Thanks for your kind offering, and a big hug to your lovely aunt!!! :-D

grace said...

love the giles scarf. have you had any lucky?? i seriously would pay you to make me one if you found the yarn!

PippaW said...

I finally gave up with this scarf, but it's always on my mind ;)