Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A scarf I Like

I love this scarf. The last two years I have looked at the pattern and I wanted to make it so much!

Only problem: the wool. The pattern uses a Bulky Alpaca by Blue Sky, that it's very hard to find in stores. Now that I live in France it's even harder, and the shipping too too expensive. So annoying!
If there is among you a French blogger who knows where can I find or order a similar yarn with same gauge please please tell me!!


Sue said...

It is very lovely, Justine. It almost looks like macrame. I hope you can find the right yarn. What are the yarn stores like in Europe?

Justine said...

Hi Sue,
right now I haven't found any really amazing shop, like the ones I saw in California, with all the specialty yarns, and cool hand dyed wool. Here in France, apparently the only franchise shop is Phildar, and it's full of acrylic yarns, no natural fibers :-(
I guess I'll start on ordering wool from UK, where there the choise is pretty vast :-))

Vik said...

Beautiful yarn and great colors they have! I´ve never seen bulky alpaca before. The one I can buy here is the thin alpaca in beige, black, pink, light and dark brown.

Justine said...

Exactly Vik, is not easy to find a substitute. I fell in love with the colour, the bulkyness and the pattern (it look so easy I can hardly believe it works..).
I've just placed my order on a british online shop (on the Blue Sky Alpaca websites they give you a list of online store worldwide), we'll see what it looks like live!! :-)

Pam said...

That scarf has fantastic texture, you wouldn't get that effect if you used anything less...good luck with your search, it looks like it will be worth the challenge!