Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Later than late

Oh yes... I'm still late and I'm even later if possible. It seems that this summer and my crochet aren't getting along very well. Ufff! :-/

Everything seemed to be going fine, and then yesterday my mom got back to hospital. So I kept going back and forth from her house to the city nearby. The results, I'm a bit anxious and I don't have any time to finish my blanket. Actually I should say, to start it, because I'm still at 2 squares!!! How lousy!!! Buuuuuu


Vik said...

Hi Justine, I know it´s not easy but... take it easy! Take care!
*Hugs from your argentine friend*

Pam said...

I think folks understand when there is a serious family issue going on. I send hugs too, from Minnesota.

jocelyn said...

I am so sorry, Justine, to hear your mom is back in the hospital! I hope she gets well real soon.
Please keep us posted on her health. I always found it almost impossible to concentrate and crochet when I was upset, so I know others will understand, also.
Hang in there!

Justine said...

Thank you so much to you all for your support! If only I could use a little bit more the Net to talk to you more!!!! Argh!
My mother is still hospitalized, I'll keep you posted.
Many many hughs!!!!

Vik said...

Hi Justine, just thinking about you... I hope you are fine, as well as your mother.
I´ve finished the second square afghan, pics at my blog. We miss you at the CAL...