Friday, August 24, 2007

I am a starter

There's no doubt about it. The problem is, I never finish anything. I recently gave up on at least 3 projects. Vik scarves for the homeless are waiting for me, half started. The pink mohair shawl is somewhere in a bag, the brea bag is almost finished, almost, and what about the polar blanket? Still waiting for the winter to come.

And what do I do? Of course I've just started a new project!! I guess I have to definitely face the fact that I am a flighty starter and knit alongs simply aren't good for me (or, better to say, I am not good for them).

Anyway, this is the lovely new project I've embraced yesterday, the Chanson Capelet. Isn't it sweet? I'm making it in black cotton and instead of working it as a little cape, I'm doing closed rounds, so that in the end I'll have a short poncho. If I manage to finish it.

But this time the pattern goes on pretty fast and I'm confident that I can make it. I'll keep you posted :-)


american girl in italy said...

That is very cute! I can't wait to see your finished one. I just finished a little *coperta per la pancia* for my husband. I am starting easy. hehe Did you see the crochet boobies I made for my friend getting a double masectomy? I was proud of how they turned out. :OD

PippaW said...

Your crochet boobs are so funny! I laughed a lot! :-D

Vik said...

I can understand: That capelet is irresistible!
You still have time for the KFH scarves, Justine, it´s not cold there yet, isn´t it?

PippaW said...

Here it's still warm, I hope that as soon as it gets colder I'll be able to finish your scarves!! Vik I feel so ashamed!! I soooo slowwww

zrinka said...

Il tuo Chanson Capelet è proprio carino!
Anche io sono nella tua situazione ... non faccio in tempo a finire qualcosa che già ne ho iniziata un'altra :o) ... non ricordo più quanti lavori ho sui ferri!!
Ci vediamo sabato a Milano?
Ciao ciao
p.s. salutami la mia amica Valda :o)

PippaW said...

Siii sabato passo di sicuro! Purtroppo però alla triennale non posso portare la Valdona che ti saluta calorosamente però :-)

Che dici zrinka, le finiremo mai le nostre sciarpe???