Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Love is in the air

Oh yes, St. Valentine is approaching, and because I live very far from my friends I always have to think about presents with a lot of anticipation.
In Italy St. Valentine is not a big deal, we just expect some chocolates or small presents coming from our boyfriends (things that never come...) but we don't really send cards to friends and stuff.
Because I'm here in the US, though, I thought: "this year I will send a couple of St valentine's cards". But I didn't want to send just a card so I made this scarf for my dear friend Sabina, in Rome. Hope she gets it in time!

I also sent this book to my friend Puli, who lives in London, and wants lo learn crochet. I hope that she gets into it, because once you start crocheting it's so funny!!

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