Monday, February 20, 2006

Crazy about squares

Yesterday I was in one of my missions at Barnes and Noble to have a sneaky look at a few crochet and knitting patterns from various (too expensive) books... In this wandering I bumped into "200 Crochet Blocks" by Jan Eaton. It was love at first sight! I LOVE this book and I bought it even if it costs a fortune, but, hey, it's totally worth!

I immediately started to use all my leftover yarns, finally. And I'll be making a pretty ton-sur-ton pillow. Look at this, I'm using all the blue yarns that I had in small amounts. I love this first two squares that I've made, aren't they nice?

I've also progressed a little with the Amigurumi bull terrier that I'm making for my sister. Since then I've made the head, the small body and one ear. Little by little I'll go on. Sure I've been distracted lately by the Olympic games, I'm so crazy about Figure Ice Skating that I spend a big part of my day looking for videos online. I've also worked a little (finally) so I'm running late on some projects.

Online I have also found a Gadget for you crochet-geek girlfriends. Look at these "felted icons" they are so cute you have to download it. This icons are perfect for my crochet folders!!!


Pier Andrea Notari said...

Actually I know a geek girlfriend that would like to have some of these..

Pyo said...

I have this book too, it's a great investment!