Thursday, February 09, 2006

First Doily Ever

So here it is, my first doily ever. I am totally amazed, and still, when I finish a first-time ever project, I almost cannot believe I did it.
I used a very lovely pattern by Crochet memories, called "Autumn Reflections", some thin cotton thread and a tiny tiny crochet hook size US7/ 1,75mm, and I made it through. Can you believe it? And I am not the tipe of person who has a lot of patience, but I did it...
and I must admit it wasn't that difficult, at least much less than I expected when I first saw the size of the hook, that was scary!

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Pulite said...

pensa che anche mia Zia Barbarella di Foglianise faceva questi centrini che disseminava per tutta casa!!!Fighi!!