Sunday, February 05, 2006


I have been experimenting lately. After having spent a whole day at Laci's I had to try several things. One of them was "Filet Crochet" and this is the result... I messed up the pattern a little bit but, I must admit, I found the whole process very slow and pretty boring. I don't think I'll finish this filet cat, anyway I wouldn't know what to do with it...

I also have been working on some potholders, made with kitchen twine, crochet hook H8/5.00 bordered with various wool yarn. I'm pretty happy about it, I made them because I really needed them, so for once I made something actually useful :-)

Finally I tried also to hand felt. I must say that my results aren't satisfying at all. I still can see the texture of the knitted wool I burned my hands, and used tons of dish-soap in my bathtub... So disappointing! I guess I'll try again, but I doubt it'll go better next time. I love so much felted items though!!!

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