Sunday, October 05, 2008

Finally Foliage (hat)

I've finally the right yarn for my own Foliage Hat. I love this pattern, I've tried it last winter but my yarn was too this and I had to give up.

At the last yarn sawp in milan, though, I got a pretty yellow ball, wich had the same gauge than the Malabrigo used for the foliage pattern, ad ta-dah! Here it is. Precious, fast and very pretty!

It only took me one day to make, and I'm very happy with the result!

Pics taken by my sister


Alessia said...

Molto bello!

jocelyn said...

It's gorgeous, Justine! Love it!
I just found you on Ravelry. I joined last year, but didn't do anything with it until recently. Here is my link:

Gingini said...

Love it!
Ravelry let me find great ideas!

PippaW said...

Thanks to all of you. Ravelry rocks!

Grazie Alessia sei un tesoro!

zrinka said...

Ciao Justine!!
Ben tornata!!!
Bello il tuo cappello ... e simpatica anche la tua nuova iniziativa su leiweb :o)
Buona giornata

PippaW said...

Ciao tesora! Grazie mille, come va la pancia??

Spero di vederti prestissimo! E grazie per leiweb dobbiamo colonizzarlo a colpi di maglia! ;-)

Vik said...

Very pretty! Bellisimo!
I see that you are back after a long break, like me! ;-)


çok güzel olmuş

TÜRKİYE/İZMİR den sevgiler

Ειρήνη said...

Hey, what a nice pattern and what a nice and usefull blog!
Thanks for the photos and the ideas!
Bye from Greece.

PippaW said...

Hi to you Irene, I LOVE GREECE!!! :)))