Sunday, October 12, 2008

Morgan Hat

In this Fall issue I fell in love with the Morgan hat. I find this pattern extremely attractive, even in Tangy. I tested the gauge of a few yarns I have here and I think that Noro Kureyon should fit. So I started it yesterday.

The technique used id the Double circular needles, a bit tricky at the beginning but not too annoying after a few rows. Let's see how it goes on.

Do someone of you have any suggestions on what to use for the brim? The explications are not too clear to me, and I0m not sure in Milan, Italy I will be able to find a "brim" store. What could I use instead of cardboard?


Ing. said...

You can use a thicker cardboard you know - just cut out the necessary shape, I know ppl have made it waterproof or a little tougher by wrapping it in lots of duct tape. Good luck!

PippaW said...

Thanks Ing!!!

Dawny said...

ooh purple wool on purple needles - lovely :-)

Gma Terri said...

You can use a very stiff interfacing called Timtex that is found in fabric stores. In CA, I buy it at Joann's.

PippaW said...

Thanks Dawny I admit choosing matching needles when possible ;)

Thanks Terri, I'll try it!