Monday, November 12, 2007

Foliage hat with too many leaves

I've just finished my Foliage hat revisited. Because my yarn was much thinner that the one suggested by the pattern (I used Alpaca Perù by Filatura di Crosa a very enjoyable yarn I must say) I added a round in the crown pattern. It took me the whole week end to do it. Unfortunately the result is a hat way too large :-(

This was my very first lace pattern and I loved doing it, but I'll have to undo it completely. I guess next time I'll do it with the right yarn.

I hope I'll be more lucky with Kim's Cashmere Neckwarmer made in Mammoth. At least this should be a faster project to achieve.


Vik said...

You´ll have to undo it completely? I´m very sorry... It looks so pretty, Justine. You should start an extra large hats new fashion! ;)

Justine said...

Dear Vik, maybe I can try my hair from straight ti curly so the hat will fit ;-))