Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hat + Neckwarmer, finished

It's been a busy week and I've been able to finish two project I was working on. I'm pretty glad even if both project didn't came up as I expected. Anyway I learned a few new things and I'm pleased by that.

Here is Kim Neckwarmer made in the very original Mammoth by Artfiber, a superfine baby alpaca that I bought when I was living in San Francisco. The fuzzy yarn doesn't show very well Kim's texture but the result is quite pretty I think.

The second project I ended is the Swell Hat by Kimmie Kemper on I loved doing it, and it went up pretty fast. I used some recycled yarn and a part of a skein of Cascade 220 in pink. I did a Medium size but the hat is a bit tight, I guess this is how it is supposed to be but I'm not sure I'll use it a lot.


Allena said...

the neck warmer is great! i love the button.
the hat looks super warm!
great job.

Alessia said...

I like this neckwarmer... and I love "one skein projects"!

Vik said...

I like the neckwarmer with the wooden button! Looks cool!
The hat seems difficult. Congrats!

PippaW said...

Thank you girls!!! :-D

The hat actually was pretty fast and easy to make (only knits no purls), finally I gave it to my sister who has a smaller head. It looks nice on her. Good! :-)

Pam said...

Love both projects, especially the neckwarmer! -Pam