Saturday, May 05, 2007

Brea Bag and Manos are here!

Today I went yarn shopping a bit. A friend of mine told me about a yarn outlet here in Milan, it's called Lanar (via Nino Bixio 7) and it's really full of very fine yarns, but most of all of extremely tasty offers. I went there to buy enough yarn to make my own Brea Bag, in the cotton version as suggested by Knitaly, and I found a very good deal! I got 350 gr of bright red cotton and 950 gr of strong fine black cotton for a very appealing prize. I'm pretty happy with that, I might even make two bags (well with all this cotton even 4!!).

Now I only need a few accessories, like a handle and some buttons. I have no idea where to find the handle, if anyone here has a hint (websites or stores in Milan) please help me!

Because I was already on the move, I decided to visit also the Manos de Uruguay shop in Milan. Thanks to Typesetter that told me where to find it. The idea, as I told before, is to make a "So-called scarf" for next autumn. The shop is located in via San Michele del Carso 6 and the owner is a very nice and sweet lady. She let me touch all the skeins, and gave me all the time I needed to choose the right shade. I think I finally picked up the color "100 - Agate" (in the pic here) but because the color numbers do not correspond I'm not totally sure. Anyway is a very seductive melange of purple, orange and burgundy red. Very beautiful, I can't wait to start my scarf!!


knitaly said...

have fun with your knitting!
I stole your button(^_^)

knitaly said...

could you suggest me how to make buttons? I like the one you made in your list for my blog!

Justine said...

I did them using photoshop, basically I find a pic online (ore use a pic I take), and put my name on it with photoshop. As soon as you make one I'll steal it. Right now I made one for you using your header :-)

Vik said...

Your Saturday Shopping was absolutely AMAZING!!! Enjoy!