Friday, November 25, 2005


My work is progressing a little bit. I'm almost done with all the Christmas presents.

I've done a couple of flowers pins, a playing ball for my dad's cats (my kitty seems to enjoy it), a really lovely mohair scarf, a sunflower potholder and even a pair of baby boots for the newborn of a couple of friends in Chicago.

I hope They'll like it, it's a sort of Robin Hood style! I have used a nice pattern in the book Cozy Crochet.

I've also bought 2 skeins of incredibly soft baby alpaca bulky yarn at Artfibers, it's called Mammoth and it is incredibly soft and warm.
I made a brim hat this morning but somehow the yarn is too thick and it didn't look right, so I undid it (I should have taken a pic...) and now I'm using the same yarn to make a purse.
I like the "felted" effect that this soft yarn has, but at the same time it seems a bit silly using baby alpaca for a purse... Anyway. This is how the texture looks like. Very thick and messy.

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