Thursday, November 17, 2005

Preparing for Christmas

I am working hard to be ready for Christmas with presents for my girlfriends and parents. It's a hell of a job and sometimes I'm not even sure they'll like what I'm doing. At least, I must say, I enjoy crocheting so much that I don't care too much ;-)

This week I've been progressing a little bit. Finished a scarf, started another one in mohair (I cannot post pics because they are presents), added a few rows on my bag, that I have actually decided to felt... How am I going to do it, it's still a mystery (I don't have a washing machine), but I'll try anyway.

I've also started a little throw for my kitties. It will be they're present. I can post a pic of that because the kitties don't browse often the Net ;-) here it is!
I'm making it with a US H8/ 5mm hook working TLC Essentials Worsted weight - 4ply - 4,5 oz/127 gr Color falling Leaves. I have found the pattern on the yarn label and it looks really nice, very autumn.

I have also completed my first Granny Square (I am proud) and tried a ripple effect sample. Looks nice. I think I'll do a bag with the granny square, maybe for my cousin's daughter...

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Emily said...

oooooh ripples! That'll be my next afghan. once I get this one for my brother and wife finished...hopefully before christmas.