Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Crochet bag + hat + scarves

I'm experimenting. And because I also need a bag, I'm trying to make one with the Gjestal Naturgarn yarns I bought on Elann.com. The colors are pretty but the wool isn't soft enough to make scarves, sweaters or other clothes, so I thought I could use it for a bag! :-)

I used this patter by Coats and Clark as a base, then changed it a little bit. When I'm done, if the bag is nice I'll post the complete pattern. I've done the base with the "Forest" green, the used the "Gold" and now I'm going to switch to "Ultra Blue" to finish the bag.

This week end I've been working also on a couple of other projects. I've tried making a hat to match my furry scarf but I ran out of yarn before finishing and the shop I go to doesn't carry it anymore :-(((

Then I've been working on a knitted scarf for my boyfriend. It's made of Kantuta Baby Alpaca Wool color n. 14, bought it at Artfibers in San Francisco. Now I must go back to the store to get another yarn to finish it.

And then I'm doing a scarf for one of my girlfriends. It's made of Lion Brand Homespun, Corinthian 345. The pattern I'm using is a V-Stitch pattern found on Fuzzy Galore. Very nice. I'm not sure if I like the color or not, though. I will finish it and then decide if I like it or not...

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