Sunday, July 08, 2007

Knitting among flowers

On our way to Rome we decided to take some rest at Luca's mother's beautiful house in Umbria. Set free the cats from the kennels, gave water to Valda, we worked a little in the sun and had a lovely dinner at the Conte's.

This morning, a warm and fresh day inspired me a bit of knitting outside. While Valda was running around, Luca hand picked some gorgeous flowers in the garden and I went back to the Pima Poncho.

This poncho will drive me crazy. I make a row and undo two. I'm seriously tempted to undo all I have knitted so far and start anew. The problem with the lovely brioche stitch is that if you make a mistake you cannot correct it, you just have to go back to the beginning of the row and knit it again. So far I made a few mistakes and I keep doing them, and right now my poncho looks a bit like a gruyere cheese.

So annoying! I guess I'll try a fresh start...


zrinka said...

Bellissima l'Umbria!!!
Io la ADORO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mamma mia come vorrei essere anche io lì a godermi quei posti che mi rasserenano l'anima ogni volta che ci torno ... invece di essere qui alle prese con un traloco che sembra non finire mai!
Buona domenica

Anonymous said...

Oh my! You live in the most beautiful place on earth!! Sorry about your poncho. Sometimes it's best to start over.

Vik said...

Hi Justine!
When you have time... go to my blog... look for your name... there´s an Award waiting for you! ;)

Justine said...

Ciao Zrinka, Hi Sue and Vik, thanks for stepping by.

I guess I'll star over the poncho as soon as I start my week holiday in 10 days! Right now my head is somewhere else *___*