Friday, June 29, 2007

Knitting with men

Today I've been to a knitting happening here in Milan, a "Knitting with guys" meeting held in the Modern art museum cafe at La Triennale. I went there with a friend blogger, Aelred, who wanted to learn the magic art of knits and purls.

The meeting was organized by Grignasco Knit and the knitting stylist Giuliano Marelli, every participant had a wool skein a pattern and a pair of lovely knitting needles.

My friend had the time to familiarize a bit with casting on, knitting and even a bit of purl. Marelli helped him nicely, showed him three ways of casting on, and followed his progresses. Very very sweet. Many old ladies were really amiable too and curious about a young guy interested in knitting. The atmosphere was cheerful and we had a good time.

Nice evening! Now I'll have to check on Aelred to see if he remembers something and if he will practice a bit the knitting lessons ;-)

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