Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Kitties!

Today is my kitties' b-day! They turn four and still no wrinkles ;-)

Happy Birthday Perny and Guny! =^.^= =^.^=


Sue said...

What beautiful kitties! And what a wonderful pics. They look very worldly.

Ing. said...

Non posso upload il modello del scialle perĂ² ti posso fare una copia se vieni al prossimo S&B a Milano.

Justine said...

Grazie mille! Magari!!! :-D

Vik said...

Happy Birthday to the two beauties! I had no idea you had these twins at home! Must be very interesting watching how they behave and play together! (I could spend the whole day watching my cat, I can imagine having two!)

(Cara Justine, io parlo italiano anche!)

Justine said...

Ciao Vik!
Thanks for stepping by, e parli anche italiano, sei una ragazza piena di sorprese! I must say that I am totally in love with these two furry balls, even if the wake me up everyday at 7.30, kitties are always fun and so loving. Btw I saw your cat's website dome time ago, so cuuuute!!!