Friday, March 09, 2007

Future projects

This is what I'd like to realize this springtime :-) I already know that I will never have the time, but I'd love to!


jocelyn said...

Justine, these projects are all fabulous looking! I hope you DO get the time to crochet them all! But you have to help us out.....I recognize some of the crochet items, but others I do not. Where do all the patterns come from? Do tell! And I love the way you presented them! How did you do that?

Justine said...

Hi Jocelyn,
i assembled the pictures with a software called "comic Life". It's original purpose is build comic strip s, but I use it for composing pictures, I really like the shape and everything :-)
About the patterns, top down, left right:
tea cozy by knitty, flower flipflop by, dog poncho by viva poncho, felted tote bag by blacksheep, flowers by patons, crocheted rug by blue sky alpaca. Enjoy!

Alessia said...

I really like the bag!

jocelyn said...

Oh Justine, I have to go find that comic life software for photos. It looks fabulous. Thanks for letting me know!