Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In the Eternal Town

Hi girls,
I'll be out of blogging for a few days, 'cos I came back to Rome, my hometown for a while (more details of the trip, here).
Many kisses and happy knitting and crocheting to all of you! I'll try to find some nice yarn down here :-)


Pam said...

Take care Justine.

Justine said...

Thank you Pam,
I'm actually putting some weight on, the food here is soooo delicious I cannot resist! ;-)
All the best!

Vik said...

Hi Justine! Enjoy Rome!
I´m spending the whole month January at the beach -summer holidays here- that´s why I´m not visiting so often as usual here!
Take care!

Justine said...

Have a great summer holiday Vik! I Just came back from rome, miss my hometown!!!
All the best!!