Saturday, December 29, 2007

Knit Cafe the Point

I went yesterday to The Point Knit café in New York City. I've been seeing this place for a year before I started knitting, and I was glad to finally gen in there knowing what to ask and to do.

I must say that despite a few harsh critics I red on Ravelry, I found a very nice ambiance, lovely people, prepared and friendly that helped me with patience to find the best 16" circular needle I could ever buy: the Addi Turbo!

Great selection of precious yarns and a few books. If you add a lovely cup of coffee, a piece of cake you have a peaceful afternoon of knitting relax.


Anonymous said...

Well you just travel around the world, don't you?! How fun! NYC can be very cold be really exciting. Glad you found a nice yarn shop to visit. Have fun!

Typesetter said...

Addi Turbos are very good. Unfortunately, KnitPicks fixed 16'' are... Just better!