Tuesday, March 21, 2006

English or Continental knitting?

Which one do you prefer?
I can't decide. To be honest I discovered the Continental knitting just a few weeks ago, thanks to this great website KnittingHelp.com, and I'm trying it (only knit, purl is too complicated). I must say that when my right arm is tired, a little bit of continental knitting helps, but only if I'm using steel needles, because Takumi Bamboo needles have a very round ending and I cannot hook the yarn.

Today I've been progressing 10 rows on my mom's poncho and, I must say, Continental knitting made me go much faster in stockinette stitch than the throwing method. I speed up like a flash! This way I could be done for Easter... At the beginning my gauge was tighter than with the other method, but after a few rows it was exactly the same. Continental knitting conquered me! Wow!


Sue said...

I've been a crocheter for years and always hold the yarn in my left hand. I just started knitting and have no trouble holding the yarn in my right hand. I haven't tried knitting with the yarn in the left hand yet. I'm too busy trying to remember how to make the stitches. Perhaps when I get better I can try both methods. :)

Justine said...

Hi Sue, thanks for stepping by. I've always knitted with the yarn in my right end, throwing it around the needle, but I must say that the other method is quite faster. At least for me. Happy knitting!!